Find a Dentist in Indianapolis, IN, to Answer Your Questions

Posted on: May 25th, 2015 by Shadrach Gonqueh

Find a Dentist in Indianapolis, INIf you need to find a dentist in Indianapolis, IN, we are here to help.  In our family dental office, we provide preventative dental care in order to help you avoid getting cavities or gum disease.  We also provide restorative and cosmetic dentistry which enables us to treat most, if not all, of the dental challenges you may face.  While conducting dental exams, we are always open to answering questions.  If you want to learn more about oral health, we invite you to schedule an appointment.  In the meantime, here are some of the frequently asked questions and our answers to them.

I hear a lot about gum disease.  What are the signs that I need treatment?

Gum disease is a serious condition that impacts millions of adults and even children.  It is more common for people that don’t receive proper dental care, smoke, or have diabetes since these conditions also restrict blood flow to the gums.  If it is left untreated, the condition could lead to tooth loss, something that most people want to avoid.  This is why it is important to watch for the symptoms and schedule an appointment right away if you notice them.  You should watch for swollen gums, bleeding, red or irritated gums.  If they are bothering you for a day or two, it may have been due to aggressive brushing.  If, however, there is a pattern, or the symptoms are ongoing, you should visit us right away.

I’m looking to find a dentist in Indianapolis, IN to treat my entire family.  Can you help?

Yes, we are happy to treat your entire family.  We believe that proper oral health starts at home and will take the time to show each family member how to brush and floss the right way, discuss eating healthy for your teeth and more, all while cleaning and examining their teeth.  This way your family can stay in good oral health all year long.

Will you be able to fix a loose crown or filling if you weren’t the dentist that placed it initially?

Certainly, if we didn’t place the initial restoration, that is okay.  We can examine your tooth to determine the problem.  If the filling or crown needs to be replaced we can do so while keeping you comfortable throughout the process.

I need to find a dentist in Indianapolis, IN, to fix a chipped tooth.  Do you offer this type of repair?

Yes, we are a restorative dentist and want to examine your chipped or cracked tooth as soon as possible.  Many people make the mistake of thinking that a damaged tooth is strictly an appearance problem.  This is simply not the case.  If you damage your tooth, it will become susceptible to infection since bacteria can enter the tooth through the crack, etc.  We can fix it using a variety of dental procedures that include bonding, a dental veneer, or a dental crown.  During your appointment, we will make a recommendation for which solution we feel will be the most effective way to restore your tooth.