At Amazing Family Dental, we accept Medicaid and treat patients of all ages in our Indianapolis office.  Not every dentist accepts patients that are on Medicaid programs, making it important to ask this essential question when scheduling an appointment.  If you don’t have Medicaid and want to know if we accept your insurance plan, call (317) 781-3900 to speak with our office manager.  Our goal is to keep families throughout Indianapolis, IN in good oral health and accept a variety of payment methods in order to do so.

Too often people skip visiting the dentist, not because they don’t want their teeth examined but because they are uninsured.  Medicaid offers dental insurance, something that many people are unaware of.  If you are concerned about the health of your teeth or haven’t had a teeth cleaning in a year, contact the state to see if you qualify for the Medicaid program.   A common misconception is that it is only offered to the elderly or disabled, and while this was the initial intent, Medicaid is also offered to families, children, and pregnant women that meet certain income criteria.  This is through a state/federal partnership, and the criteria can change based on average incomes and state legislation.  With the advent of the medical exchanges, if you apply for health insurance through the exchange, you will typically be flagged as being eligible or ineligible for Medicaid based on how you answer the questions related to the household size and your income.  We have found that many people living in the 46203 qualify for Medicaid, even if they thought that they wouldn’t.  Since we don’t handle the application processing here, we recommend that you contact the Department of Health to ask further questions. 

If you qualify for Medicaid, Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) will be paid for.  This is mandatory for those that are under 21, making it possible for children to receive dental care, regardless of their family’s financial situation.  These services include screening, general care, emergency services, preventative services, therapeutic services, and dental care at nursing facilities. From a practical standpoint, screening services include a dental exam – something that we recommend takes place twice a year to ensure that no cavities or gum disease are developing.  At these appointments, Medicaid will also pay for preventative care that includes a teeth cleaning, health instruction, and sealants, when necessary to reduce the risk of a child (or adult) getting cavities.  If you live in Indianapolis and have Medicaid dental insurance, you can call us if you start to experience pain in your teeth or gum irritation.  Whether this is an appointment that you schedule or you need emergency dental care due to sudden pain or tooth damage, this will be covered by Medicaid insurance.  The guidelines are written so that we can perform necessary procedures in order to relieve dental pain, infections or to restore teeth.  This may include if you get a cavity that needs treatment, your dental pulp is infected and needing a root canal, and even if your tooth becomes cracked or chipped in an accident.  While some may consider restoring a damaged tooth to be cosmetic, Medicaid does have provisions for restoring teeth as a means of preventing them from needing to be pulled.  This is beneficial in the long-term because tooth loss can lead to bone loss and a potential for additional issues down the road. During your treatment, if you need a dental crown, it will be covered, which means that a damaged tooth can be protected and restored for immediate use.  As a result, the majority of general dentistry services are covered under the Medicaid program so once you qualify for the insurance, you can receive the dental care that you need. 

Our highly trained staff provides the same level of superior patient care, regardless of whether you are on Medicaid dental insurance, private pay insurance or paying cash for your procedures.  At Amazing Family Dental, our priority is your health – not your payment method.  If you live in or near Indianapolis, IN, we invite you to call (317) 781-3900 and schedule a dental exam so that we can inspect your teeth and gums, clean them, and identify any signs of cavity, infection, or gum disease.  This should be done twice a year for the maximum benefit and to ensure that no infections go untreated.  Going too long in between appointments can create the need for more invasive procedures later on.  As such, ongoing preventative care is the best way to remain comfortable and avoid unnecessary dental emergencies, even though they are covered by Medicaid.