Signs That You Need to See a Dentures Dentist

Posted on: May 4th, 2015 by Shadrach Gonqueh

Dentures DentistAs a dentures dentist, we know that dentures do not last indefinitely. Even if your dentures have been well cared for, they will only last around ten years before they will need to be replaced.
When you are first fitted for dentures, they are made to exactly conform to the shape of your mouth… specifically the bony ridges which will support them.  However, as you get older, your mouth slowly changes. The alveolar ridges that anchor the teeth can shrink up to a quarter of an inch in less than ten years,  a process that can be accelerated by certain medical conditions such as osteoporosis.
Most people do not notice the gradual receding of their own gum tissues, but eventually, they will become aware that their dentures have become loose and unstable and are negatively impacting their ability to eat, chew, bite, and speak as they would normally. The surrounding areas of the mouth can also be affected. Changes in the density of the jawbone can cause the upper and lowers sets of teeth to become misaligned, and can lead to sagging facial muscles, deep wrinkles around the mouth, and a sunken look to the lower face and cheeks, causing premature aging. As a dentures dentist, we recommend that you have your dentures examined by our dentist office at least once every year to ensure they are fitting properly. If necessary, they can be adjusted, repaired, or remade.
Common Signs Of Dentures That Are Out Of Date
Difficulty Chewing or Eating, Leading To Poor Digestion Or Malnutrition   
    Gum And Mouth Irritation
    Painful Mouth Sores
    Infections In The Mouth
    A Dull Pain Around The Ears or Neck
    Frequent Headaches
    Problems Speaking, Slurred Speech
    Dentures That Are Loose Or Move In Your Mouth
    A Clicking, Snapping Or Whistling Noise When Chewing
    Swelling Of The Gums And Surrounding Areas
    Additional Wrinkles Around Your Mouth     
    The Need To Routinely Use Denture Pads
    Dentures That Appear Worn Or Stained
Ill-fitting dentures can cause a person to feel extremely self-conscious or even embarrassed. Because dentures that fit properly provide better facial support, they contribute towards a more natural appearance and help you to speak more clearly. Additionally, a replacement set of well-fitting dentures allows you to chew properly which, in turn enables you to obtain the nutrition you need. This is especially important because a healthy diet depends on a large variety of foods. Not being able to chew properly, and eliminating all ‘hard’ foods, will lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and a compromised immune system.
Why Choose Our Dentures Dentist

If you feel as though your dentures don’t fit well anymore, rest assured that our team of experts can help. Our staff will evaluate your current dental situation and, if need be, replace your dentures that are out of date, and have a brand new set of dentures made that looks, fits and functions as natural teeth would. We will take a detailed assessment of your mouth and jaw in order to craft a new dental appliance that is just right for you.